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Gay singles clubs Yet another popular haunt for gay men with resources are exclusive singles clubs for gays. These places are again likely to have rather steep membership fees or at least restricted entry rules. This is because the primary purpose of these places is to provide social networking opportunities to rich gays so that they can choose suitable partners in ease and privacy.


More such clubs are quite likely to host regular open nights or happy hours when the entry rules and costs are relaxed a bit. So keep your eyes and ears tuned for these special nights when you can mix and mingle with the richest gays in town.

So frequent fashion shows, launches of exclusive boutiques and other events of the world of haute couture and you are quite likely to come across fashion designers, models and stylists, some of who may be single themselves and open to meeting other gays. And the more expensive these venues, the more likely they are to attract rich patrons.

So make it a point to gain access to the exclusive spas, salons and health resorts in your area and if lucky you could make the acquaintance of some potential partners.

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Gay travel destinations These days gay travel is fast becoming a popular option for those looking to meet same-sex partners in exotic surroundings or seeking to get away from it all with their gay partners. Find out the upscale bars, nightclubs and other hangouts in these cities and then frequent them as much as your pocket would allow.

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Some cities even have a separate gay neighborhood with varied cultural and social attractions but make it a point to patronize only those destinations which attract a wealthy clientele. Gay festivals and parades Every major city nowadays has its own pride event when members of the LGBT community get together to celebrate who they are amidst a shower of music, partying, festivities and the final spectacular parade.

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  • Such events are a good time to meet suitable partners but if you want to date wealthy men, you need to look in at the right places. Instead of lounging about free kitchens or the trailer park, make an effort to be seen at the expensive hotels and restaurants. Again give the free open air concert a miss and rather go on a history or culture tour of the city if you would like your odds of bumping into a wealthy gay single to be higher. Pursue expensive interests Like rich heterosexual men, gay men of means too enjoy the same interests which their wealth and leisure afford them.

    Thus if you can be associated with such pursuits you stand a good chance of rubbing shoulder with rich gay singles.

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    It might not be possible for everyone to own a stud farm or bid for an original Monet but in case your profession has something to do with the world of high art or fine wines, then perhaps you can see more of rich single clients, many of whom might be gay. Charity galas One of the best places to network with the rich, whether straight of gay, single or attached are Charity events.

    Fund raising galas and charity dinners are well attended by the rich and powerful not only because many of them have their hearts in the right places but because most of them want to be seen in the right places. In , DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen came out as the first openly gay billionaire in the world. He had dated women before such as Cher , but finally came to terms with this sexuality in the early s and had become one of the most important forces in the gay rights movement by Giorgio Armani is known for being notoriously private and has remained relatively quiet about his own sexuality.

    The Sunday Times speculates he has remained quiet on the subject out of fear sales of Armani might decline in Asia if he officially came out. However, in he told Vanity Fair , "I have had women in my life.

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    And sometimes men. On 16 August , Jennifer Pritzker made headlines by announcing she now identifies herself as a woman for all business and personal undertakings. This announcement made Pritzker the world's first openly transgender billionaire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.